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I’m waiting at my boarding gate with about an hour and a half to go until I can step on the plane. I’ve scanned all the duty free shopping, done some people-watching, refreshed my Facebook newsfeed 27 times over, tried to read 3 different books and listen to ever genre of music on my playlist. All to no avail- my restlessness still prevails. Plus, this airport is rather warm. I’m burning under my sweater which a first since I’ve been in this country (no, seriously, I used 3 blankets and 2 sleeping bags at night)- apart from my legs burning at the campfires on the farm. Oh, those campfires!

I think the fire-pit was easily my second favourite place at the farm- the first being the cookhouse. I mean, come on, that’s where all the blueberry pies are at!

The fire-pit

The fire-pit

But seriously, coming from a city where the only fires we really burn are during Holi and Diwali, the fire-pit at the farm was more than welcome. Luckily, everyone around me just needed an excuse to have a campfire too. Whether it was someone’s last night at the farm or just a chilly evening, we were always up for sitting by the flames.


Sure, team-building activities create strong bonds but I don’t think there is any bigger bonding experience than campfires. There’s just something about sitting by the fire on a cold night, sipping your drink while the sky above you is twinkling with stars and the bullfrogs croak somewhere in the nearby pond. The setting is absolutely perfect for everyone to shed their inhibitions and have fun- because what happens at the campfire stays at the campfire. And that’s not just because people can’t remember too much the next morning. I think I’ve made some of the best memories at the farm at the campfires. From insane nights which involved Bollywood dancing and jumping in the pond to lazy ones with people falling asleep at the fire, extended conversations on rather peculiar topics (e.g., the shewee) and elaborate foot massages- everything has been done. I have a lot and nothing to say about those nights all at once and I’m quite unsure about which option to pick. You know what people mean when they say life would be more awesome with background music? That’s what those campfires were- my background music. It’s the closest I can come to describing those nights. I have very high expectations around fire-pits now. They have to better than pizzas and s’mores and good music and the best people, all put together. Good luck trying to match that.







And walking away from the fire was always the hardest part. Not only because it involved leaving the cozy warmth to go into a chilly tent. Being a person whose first love is their beauty sleep, it was always an internal battle, to sleep or to stay? For me, sleep always won but who regrets a little more sleep? Especially when the next morning involves working in a field. If only the fire could magically burn all night, I’d camp out in my sleeping bag(s). Those campfires were amazing. Everyone should experience those nights sometime in their life, I say without exaggeration. It’s just one of those simple yet happy things. And I’m going to have to figure out a way to fit a fire-pit in the apartment. Kidding.

Now I’m done reminiscing and my flight is boarding. An hour well spent? I think so. The restlessness has vanished and I think I’ll be able to sit the sixteen hours to Dubai without being too fidgety. Quite the achievement, trust me.

Life is good, until next time!