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For someone who blogs fairly regularly, I find myself rather lost for words when I’m attempting to write. And more often than not, I face that problem when I have a lot to say. Just like right now. I’ve written about the weeding and the campfires at the farm but I haven’t spoken about the farm itself. In fact, it’s been a post I’ve been avoiding for a while because it seems like such a daunting task. There’s just so much to talk about, I’m afraid my words won’t do justice to it. But, I must try, mustn’t I? So, here goes, my last post about farm-life (until I go WWOOF-ing again, anyway, which should be a while) and I hope my words and pictures make you fall in love with the place as much as I did.

Duckworth Farm- home to some of the best people and animals I have ever met and easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever set my eyes on.



The farm has redefined luxury for me. Luxury isn’t living in a sprawling penthouse any more. It is being able to wake up and feast your eyes on the pond outside your bedroom (though I could do without the geese acting as my alarm clock on a Sunday morning but anyway). Sure, everyone isn’t going to be privy to such luxury but it’s an experience one should definitely have. Being able to take the kayak out to pond in the afternoon sun, napping in the grass, reading a good book, playing a game of football or just going for a hike up the hill in your backyard- I’m really delighted to be able to call Duckworth Farm my home away from home. DSC_0709


And now, moving on to the amazing set of people at the farm. I have never met a family more generous with their resources and knowledge than the Duckworths. They have the hugest hearts in the world. Whether we needed to be driven to the beach.


Or wanted to learn how to make home-made pizza or cookies or blueberry pies and cobbles or breakfast biscuits. DSC_0394

Or just go to the coffee shop in town


Lorri was always around for us. She’s so enthusiastic and bursting with life, it’s hard to not be happy around her. And apart from being one of the the best cooks I’ve ever met, she’ll also make sure you you’ve eaten like never before. Take me really seriously on the last one. And you’ll quit eating cinema popcorn once you’ve had a taste of some of Lorri’s caramel popcorn.


And pony riding lessons?


Thank you, Snazzy! Aren’t we glad I didn’t slide off?

And literally anything you want to learn about machines. From riding a bike


Or driving a tractor. Or a dune-buggy.



To even torching metal apart and changing the tube of a tyre.



Oscar and Greg are absolute geniuses, more than willing to teach and have an abundance of patience! There’s knowledge everywhere on the farm, you just have to have the willingness to learn.

And here’s to the lovely dogs who’d love to hang around the blueberry fields and chase the mice. They were such a delight.



And I could go on and on and put up a lot more pictures but I don’t believe in rubbing salt in wounds to that extent. Kidding. I’m going to end here. I’d like to believe, in this case, less is more. And hopefully now I’ll be able to get some kind of closure from the farm and stop wishing I was there every waking moment,

Happiness is Duckworth Farm.

Until next time!