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And it’s that time of the year again! When you plan detailed itineraries, compare airfares, scroll through nearly every listing on Airbnb, bring out the big suitcases and get paranoid about having forgotten your passports at home- it’s the family vacation time of the year!

And this time, I will take you through my three week vacation in Europe. While moving cities every four days might not be my favourite way of travelling -I quite like to settle down for a while and feel at home- I have come to terms with being a tourist and not a traveler, this time around. So read on as I give you a not-so-authentic, not-quite-that comprehensive insight into a few beautiful European cities. And please excuse me for sounding like a fact book at times- it’s the effect of the commentaries on the hop-on hop-off tour buses.


Copenhagen is just one of those beautiful cities which make you feel like you’ve walked into a movie set the moment you step out of the airport. And the long line of Mercedes taxis outside the airport only serves to make you feel like an actor waiting to be escorted to the location of your shoot. The city is a feast for the eyes. The classical and modern architecture blend seamlessly, creating a visual which at first, feels almost surreal. The lakes around the city with paddle-boats and outdoor lake-side cafes just add to the beauty of this place. Also, having visited the city during the jazz festival, the energy in the evenings was exhilarating with music around every corner and people having a great time. The city had a life of its own.






Copenhagen has its fair share of touristy attractions. Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world is a great place to spend the day. Apart from the rides and coasters, the open-air stage is graced by a number of artists, such as Snoop Dogg and Jessie J this season.


Another famous attraction would be The Little Mermaid, from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. It’s also fun to see the statue while taking a cruise around the area.


The Amalienborg Palace and the changing of the guards ceremony along with the Rosenborg Castle are also nice to see and would great appeal to the history enthusiasts out there with their fair share of, well, historical artifacts housed in the museums. Christiania, is a unique neighbourhood, worth seeing as long as you don’t decide to go there alone by night. It’s a Freetown, which is autonomous and has a thriving cannabis trade on aptly named, ‘Pusher Street’. The Strøget is the perfect place to go shopping. It is one of the longest pedestrian-only streets in Europe and it is bustling with people, shops and cafes. And of course, one of our favorite beers come from Denmark and a trip to Copenhagen isn’t complete without a visit to the Carlsberg Brewery. The brewery tour gives a great insight into the history of the brewery and the brand and takes you through the production process. The place is quiet lively with beer tastings, horse-carriage rides and impromptu activities such as making desserts from beer.






There are a number of there attractions too, some of which we didn’t visit and some whose name I am unable to recall. Please excuse my ignore and enjoy the photographs!





Denmark also hosts one of the most popular music festivals- Roskilde. While I was unable to get my hands on the tickets for the last day, it was great to hear about it and definitely will try to visit in the forthcoming years. The festival lasts eight days with a great line up of artists and multiple campgrounds with different themes. Paul McCartney, First Aid Kit, Disclosure, Nicky Minaj- just a few of the gigs which took place this year. You can also do a number of different things like ride a stationary bike to charge your cellphone. This place is totally bucket-list worthy.

Being in Denmark, the Danish pastries, known as Danishes, cannot be missed. They’re delicious, melt in your mouth and have really good stuffing such as rhubarb and cinnamon. The summer-time strawberry tarts are also delectable. The Danish rye-bread is a healthy Danish delight and quite easy to get hooked onto. Apart from Danish food, the city is also bursting with middle-eastern cuisine and one of the easiest dishes to get your hands on is a falafel.

Denmark is constantly rated as one of the happiest countries in the world. And it is not hard to understand why. Though the Danes may pay an average of 49% of income taxes, efficient utilization of this money is easily visible. The infrastructure is great, the air is clean and students get paid to study. I will say that again. Students get paid to study. Education is free and in addition to that, students receive a certain sum a month to take care of their living expenses. It is not hard to understand why the Danish are such happy people.

Another thing about Denmark which is very striking is the number of beautiful people. All the people in this region seem to be blessed with blue eyes, blonde hair and high cheekbones. Being descendants of the Vikings, the Danish also have naturally fit bodies, along with the fact that people here enjoy getting around by bikes and are quiet proficient at it, biking at breakneck speeds.


The Danish are also very stylish and extremely well-dressed. I haven’t seen a single person venture out in their pajamas- not even to get a loaf of ryebread.

Danish people also happen to be extremely nice. And I’m not just saying this because one of my really good friends from the farm in California is Danish. It was great to be able to meet her in her hometown, halfway across the world and catch-up over the red swings of Superkilen and an Arabic food platter. Danish people are extremely warm and approachable. We spent a great evening with our Airbnb hosts, over wine and Indian food, which the Danes also happen to love -it was nice to hear chicken biryani being described as art- and had really interesting conversation on a number of different subjects.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied with my four days in Copenhagen and it’s a place I’d much like to visit again and stay longer, exploring more of what the city has to offer!

And I’ll see you at my next destination now- Berlin!