Just last night, a friend and I went on a long drive to the other side of town just to inaugurate the Season of Strawberries and Cream. It was one of the most fulfilling days (and desserts) I’d had in a while despite the fact that it undid all my effort at the gym from a few hours ago. I came home happy and smelling of my friends car seat-covers. If my dad would’ve seen my face as I stepped in last night, he would’ve said that I looked like a ‘contented cat’. That’s a real expression, right? And with 2016 looming ahead of us and the usual anxiety bubbling in our stomachs, I can confidently say that I have levelled up this year by actually sticking with one of my New Year Resolutions- to be a more content person.

I’m a strong advocate of being content. And with reason. If one feels content, there are no bounds to what they can achieve because being content is directly linked with happiness. And happiness brings growth. Have you ever seen a sad and grumpy person grow? I think even puberty decides to give these people a miss. Seriously, why would it spend its precious time over someone who isn’t going to appreciate its job and be satisfied with it anyway? It’s often believed that being content brings forth complacency. If you’re too content with where you are, you’re not going to want to move forward. But I’d like to shine a different light on being content- ask a photographer and they’ll tell you the importance of trying a new light. Being content means being able to appreciate everything that is around you and being thankful for it. There is just so much to be thankful for. If you’re able to read this post, it means you’re literate and have access to the Internet. It also means that you are being fed at least three square meals a day probably have a fridge full of goodies sitting in your kitchen. So if you’re coming home to a full belly, isn’t that reason enough to be thankful and happy? And that’s what being content is all about. Well, at least a part of it. My definition doesn’t end here. Now that we’ve established that we have a ton of things to be thankful more -most of which I’m assuming have been awarded to us on a silver platter by the privilege of our birth- it’s time to understand that we must use these devices endowed upon us to grow. To grow and people and also ensure that everyone around you grows. Or at least make sure that people don’t deteriorate in your presence. We have all the resources in the world to help us grow, right at our disposal. And if not, we have the means to get our hands on those resources. With that knowledge, there is absolutely no room for complacency. But that being said, it cannot be achieved without being content. Sometimes, in their attempt to avoid complacency, people begin to work too hard. Hard work is the greatest tools and the means to all our ends. But we have to remember that our minds, while being brilliantly crafted machines, need some rest and oiling too. We don’t want to break down in our quest to change the/our world, do we? But if we’re never content, there are strong chances that we may force all our faculties to go into overdrive. And that wouldn’t solve our problems or let us achieve our purpose.

Simply put, being content means working towards a better tomorrow while appreciating today.

I think trying to be content is one of the easiest and hardest things to achieve at the same. If you’re too content, you border on the lines of complacency and if you’re not content at all, you’re unhappy. Neither situation is quite that desirable. Contention only comes when you’ve managed to strike perfect balance. Not too much peanut-butter, not too much jelly -unless that’s how you like it, then do go ahead by all means. Metaphors can be slightly redundant. Or not. But this time around, let’s try to be a little more content every day. Small efforts and baby steps. Relish the feeling of going to sleep after having that homemade raajma chawal with butter and onions instead of thinking about how your boss is going to ask you to redo all of today’s work the coming morning. Let’s take things one day at a time.