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I’m your queen. I’m the one who rules you when you aren’t thinking. I’m the judge who overrules your thoughts. I am your pride and I am your shame. I’m wilder than your imagination and sharper than the swords within it. I am quicker than your wit and slower than your apologies. I am smoother than a waxed floor but pricklier than a thorn. I am your rise, I am your downfall. I give birth to your virtues and empower your vices. I am stubborn, I am whimsical. I do as I please and I live to please nobody. I bring you sunshine, I bring you the storms.

You aren’t as stupid as I’d like you to be, though. You must’ve guessed who I am. I live within those lips you are pursing right now. I lie low like a snake waiting to strike at the first chance. If those lips were to open, I would lash out faster than your head could wrap itself around what is happening. I can be worse than your inner demons and more vengeful than your outer enemies. I can leave wounds that fail to heal until death does us apart. Isn’t that why you keep such a firm hold over me? Isn’t that why your elders cane you into reeling me in? Isn’t that why you let me out only so sparingly? Isn’t that why you ask how to tame me?

Oh, so you wish to tame me! Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror? Aren’t you a formidable little creature? You are so big but you are controlled by something that lives within you. I take up no more than a few inches of space but it’s enough for me to build my empire. You hate my guts, my audacity, my spirit but you are undeniably dependent on me. I almost take pity on you- how dreadful that the device that controls you also caters to your greatest need! But your mind is trying hard this time. I can see it and I can almost physically feel it. You have started treating me like a circus lion, whipping me until I jump onto the chair. However, you seem to have forgotten that I am not a lion and bravery isn’t one of my virtues. I’m a snake, impossible to tame.

You’re rather adamant, though. And you might even succeed if you try hard enough- after all, I’m only a part of you. But before that, I implore- yes, implore- you to let me take you through the repercussions of taming me- your greatest and in some ways, your strongest ally. You close your mouth so that I don’t escape? Stop for you shall never be able to speak of the Octopus you saw in last night’s dream Or the Oregano you sprinkled so gingerly Over your our pizza Or the Ominous presence of the Oranges that lay on the dinner table. You bar your teeth so that I do not push against them. Wait. For then you shall never be able to express your Love for Little things Like that Luscious rose and that Litter of puppies. You don’t want to let me out for even a fraction of a second for I shall bite? Think again because you might never be able to Sing of the Signs of Solemn Seas. You wish to put a noose around me? Refrain for that shall make you meek. You might surrender yourself to me but I ensure you don’t to the rest of the world. I might be a sword, a stinging bee but believe me when I say my intentions are good and I cut and sting but for your protection- that is if you treat me right. Trust me because for all my might, I’m the only one who can help you succeed. Cut me off and you do yourself the biggest disservice.

I have my moments, don’t I? I tend to be rather arrogant at times, causing more harm than good. I burn and sometimes nearly singe off all your ties. But, let me assure you, I can be better than that if I want to. It’s all about how you want to look at me. You can love me, you can loathe me but your greatest mistake would be to dismiss me. I think it’s high time we decide to collaborate if we want to live in peace and harmony. Do not try to beat me for I will only rebel. Do not succumb to me for I might not remember mercy. Instead, deal with me with a fair hand, I urge. Let me out but do not let me conquer your thoughts. Do not set me free but do not keep a short leash. Focus on your mind, and then focus on me. Plan your game and let me facilitate the same. And once in a way, give me a chance for I may surprise you further than you can believe. Do not try to tame me. Befriend me.